Easter is a time of year when many Christians in the world celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Over two billion people in the world have a Christian faith. In the last few weeks we have learned about the persecution of Christians to death in the Middle East and Kenya. Our faith can be a resource in the fight against depression. The life of Christ has illuminated all history and he can walk with us all the days of our lives. I am a Christian and by daily practice and observance of faith I draw closer in understanding of the life of Christ. We all bear witness to our own lives and experience our struggle with life. We need this struggle to learn and grow and to go beyond what we think we know. In recovering from depression we need to get beyond the limitations of unhappy and suicidal thoughts and the depressive lifestyle. Our faith can help us in this respect. Our relationship with God can support us in those times when we are alone and depressed and can give us the strength to take on anything. In recovering from depression we want to head towards relationships with others. If there is no one close to hand there is always God. 'You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.' Jeremiah 29.13. If you are interested in or curious about Jesus Christ, then I can recommend the free Holy Bible app for your phone and recommend starting at the Gospel according to Mark. 

I recognize it may be controversial to talk about my faith in a blog on this website, but I am declaring my perspective and pointing to the potentially greatest resource for you. Occasionally I will post blogs related to faith where I see it could be helpful to you in your thinking about recovery from depression. How does the practice of your faith each day shape the development of your brain?


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