Today I was thinking again about the importance of exercise in staying well. We all have a responsibility to look after our body and mind.

When we take exercise the blood flow to our brain increases. Therefore the blood flow can deliver more oxygen to our brain cells/ nerve cells which help then work better.

Naturally, exercise is a very important antidepressant strategy. So many young people spend too much time in front of a screen and are less active. Try limiting your screen time to only 2 hours and using the time saved for exercise. Walking and running are free, and you meet up with friends you can take on more sports available in your area. In our own family we have been discovering the benefits of swimming and taekwondo. www.swimfit.org.

Playing physical games enables us to set goals that matter to us that are outside the confines of depression, anxiety and fear and being on line all the time. Also engaging in sport and exercise is a positive commitment to a better life, that will challenge you and take you beyond what you know. In achieving the short term goals, such as winning a game of football, you can build self confidence, relationships and fitness each day.

Research suggests that if we are as fit as we can be by the age of 18 years then we will be more likely to remain mentally and physically healthy for the next few decades. Our fitness is well worth our investment in the fight against depression.

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