Impact Study

Just over one year ago the Impact Study was published following a collection of data from multiple Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the United Kingdom. Essentially it was a landmark study looking at whether or not we are effective enough in treating depression in young people.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Brief Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy were shown to be as effective as a Brief Psychosocial intervention and support. Most of the work was delivered in 28 weeks but data was collected up to 86 weeks.

Most young people will recover from depression in a year. 3% may be affected by severe depression but only 25%-40% access treatment promptly. It is so important for the the clinician to develop understanding and trust that is genuinely felt by the young person. A good working relationship that is promptly delivered to a young person in need is still needed today.

The Impact Study was done between 2010-2013. In the world of 2017-2018 our Mental Health Services in the UK still need to identify, great and prevent depression in you g people more effectively. Under one million people in the world each year die by suicide in the world each year. Most of these people had depression. Suicide is the worst outcome of depression, which by the end of this decade will be the most common medical condition in the world. Therefore all nations need to invest in mental health research, training and development of a capable work force that can help young people promptly. The children and young people of our world today represent the future of our world and we must do whatever it takes to meet all their physical and mental health needs as a matter of the highest priority.

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