The Youth Depression Network (YDN) is a social enterprise that will be able to offer support for young people and professionals working with depressed young people anywhere in the world.

75% of young people aged 13-25 years do not receive any assessment or treatment for depression. Depression exists in many different context in the world and needs to be understood from the perspective of the young preson and their specific environmental circumstances which may include abuse and neglect owing to the consequnces of parental mental illness.


The YDN is currently in its formative stages. The aims of this social enterprise are to:

  • Help young people around the world to access their local health service for assessment and treatment of depression.
  • Direct young people to the best internet resources for learning about and beating depression.
  • Provide a daily blog on depression for comment and consideration and feedback.
  • Enable young people to post stories of recovering from depression and managing their safety and getting on with their lives. These are important stories of hope and survival which provide inspiration for other young people.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to discuss depression and develop more meaningful relationships with their children.
  • Allow teachers, social workers and health professionals working with young people to discuss issues and dliemmas in practice.


For more information about our staff, visit the staff bio page.