England won the Cricket World Cup yesterday!

After a close game of cricket at Lord's the scores were tied at 241 after England just ran out of batsman chasing the target set by New Zealand. The tie was resolved by the Super Over in which each team had one over to score more runs. As it turned out both teams scored 15 runs and England were awarded the win on the basis of more boundaries scored in the super over.


Even if you don't understand ticket it was a hard fought game won by the smallest of margins. It was exciting and I hope it will inspire many children and young people to take up sport.

Sport can really transform lives. The man of the match, Ben Stokes, may feel the power of redemption, that sport can give you , when life has been hard.

Yesterday the players and spectators were connected to the great game through sheer competitive endurance in the face of overwhelming individual and collective emotions.

When I see young people with depression I want them to take some responsibility to move in the direction of their strengths. For some it is sport and for others it is music. All need to find courage to change. For many it appears very, very difficult but it is not impossible. Life is always worth fighting for and every person matters. As the writer Mark Twain said; every person's life contains a drama, a tragedy and a comedy. Yesterday's match certainly had drama.

My book recommendation today is

'Reasons to stay alive'by Matt Haig
It is short modern masterpiece about overcoming depression. Matt talks about his own life and connects to all of us.

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