Should we prescribe training schedules for everyone?

In the next few weeks I will be making the transition to teaching young people Taekwondo, which I took up in 2011 at the age of 39 years. This morning I went on a one hour training session to consider how I would teach students correctly, everything I know. Maybe martial arts teachers should transfer their martial arts awesomeness to their students. I have had great teachers in the martial arts and I had been particularly inspired by Master Derek Sumner of UK and more recently by Master Jeong In-Choul of South Korea.

The health benefits of taewkondo are profound in terms of training, developments of fitness, compsoure and breathing. In addition exercise gives the body and mind what it needs to be able to function. We need all people to be physically active. In sport the coach or instructor will set up training goals for students to help them go slightly beyond their comfort zone. This movement beyond tyghe comfort zone is essential for learning and also for the recovery from depression.

All the young people we see have special abilities , skills, talents and things they just love doing. You don't have to be famous or the best in the world. Just be passionate and interested in the things you love doing! At least this is a start to tap into the resources we have to beat depression.

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