Back to School

In the United Kingdom all children are back in school after about six months absence during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is good to see that children and teachers are back. In the last few months there have been concerns of young people getting more stressed and being more susceptible to depression.

Education is the gateway to our future in an uncertain world. However we need to learn and develop our skills in order to go out into the world and meet its challenges.

Our children, families and society need to have hope for a good future.

In 1340-1350 Europe faced the Black Death.
In 1665 there was The Plague and we have had the scourge of Tuberculosis and in 1920 Spanish Flu caused more deaths than the Great War. In this time 2019 onwards we are living through a viral pandemic, with the hope, that our society can live in a better world in the future.

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